Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So last week I went to New York City. Deven and Shelley are there for an intership right now and also my Cari is there. The pictures will pretty much give you a good idea of the things we did. Mainly there was miles and miles of walking, lots of eating delicious food, and mega laughter. I had so much fun!!! Well worth every penny. Not to mention my mom and dad came toward the end and treated us to a few meals and took us to a concert...check out the pictures.....

Regis and Kelly's High Heel a Thon and here is one of the winners!

Shelley and I trying to get the naked cowboy in our pic without spending $2 to get one..haha...but this just didn't work..haha

Deven and I at this way good Mediterranean Resterant right before the National Air Guitar Championship!! WE WERE PUMPED!

Cari and I at the National Air Guitar Championship in Williamsburg. We love Shreddy Mercury!!!

Cari and I at WICKED. Highly Recommend. Please see it.

Waiting outside for brunch. I ate a waffle with vanilla battered chicken. Sounds weird, but delicious. Also, dad had to direct a huge semi so the top of the truck didn't rip a branch off of a tree...instead the tree won. It ripped off the back light of his truck. Sorry light. But BOOOOYAAA to the truck!!!!! Nature always wins.

On the train to see Joe Cocker and Steve Miller Band at Jones Beach Theater. The train was pretty empty. Somehow we found the 6 seats that faced eachother and just made it work, as you can see...

At the concert. With a little help from my friends. Thanks J Cocker.

Just being a monkey.

Cari and I in Little Italy with gelato. The vanilla was weird. It was ok...the other gelato place in Chelsea's Place was better.

"WHAAAT?!" - Kyle

It tastes better this way. Awww

This gelato was so so so tasty.

Darling. At Ruby's. Once again, food was delcious as ever.

Brooklyn Bridge!