Thursday, January 29, 2009


The weekend update ....

Drove to Utah at 10pm with TM....but not even being tired...just chatting soo much and singing
Drove to Park City and found a free parking spot whoo!!
Went to Becca's proud of her it was awesome!
Saw a some friends/family
Got the truck stuck in the snow at 2am..while it was snowing...took about an hour to shovel out....great story!
Slept at a fancy cabin
Spent a day in Park City
Played games and laughed a lot
Got snowed in the cabin
7 hour drive home because of unfortunate weather conditions...but don't worry we played name that tune for hours and other games....


Tuesday, January 20, 2009


This weekend I am going to Park City's Sundance Film Festival. I am so excited! One of my best and most talented friend ever had her short film accepted into the festival. So of course I'm going to go see it with some friends and my brother is going too!! Here is a link to an interview they did with her and her friend who directed it. Awesome!!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

This girl is back in action

So I have just really busy with you know..things....and I have really neglected the bloggerworld. Please forgive. Here's the deal...I'm going to share some pictures of the past few months of my life...and give a brief descrpition of what it's about...I hope that's okay. If there's a pictures that looks extra interesting and you would like more details, just let me know and I will definitally give you more details about Oh and if you see some pictures that are also on other's people blogs...maybe it might be because I needed them for mine. Thanks! :)

Susan's Wedding...she was beautiful!

Being Flamingos for Halloween. I'm not sure if I'm trying to pose like a flamingo or's what they do I think!

This was Thanksgiving in Provo with my darling cousin. I wish I had a picture of everybody...

TomTom and I at Grandma and Grandpa's house

This was my birthday dinner at Pasta Mia. Our waiter so outrageous and so was our bill....(you may want to ask about this one!)

My friend Sara and I in Vegas when it snowed

My family got on a plane..11 of us...and flew to Branson, Missouri for Christmas. We stayed busy all week and had a blast! This was on the tour bus in Branson with family

Dino-mite! When you get a this guy...he is a true dime ;)

Shelley and I in the CAVE!

A bunch of good friendshad a great New Years in San Diego then we ventured down to Rosarito, Mexico...what an experience.... Ole!

You can't buy fun friends like this!! Not like people buy friends...but I'm just saying..they're awesome

Mexican Wedding.......


Does that make you want more?

Thought so.

There's a little snipet of my life the past few months. I hope that wasn't too much Diana...eehhh...but it HAS been quite awhile right? Anyway, in between those days I've been working at the salon and having some real responsibilities I promise...but mainly feeling fresh for a new year. What can I say... I'm loving it. I love my family and I love my friends!!!!!! (yeah I mean every single one of those explination points)