Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Night At The Theater...

Last night I went to the FALL ONE ACT PLAY FESTIVAL at UNLV with my friend Brooke. A friend of Brooke's wrote one of the one acts..and so we were able to get in free and enjoy the show.

So things start of smoothly...Brooke picks me up..we get to UNLV about a half hour early to get our tickets..get a nice seat in the front and middle..(mind you it's a really little theater..) ... and we enjoy the first act, titled, REPLICA. Now there were three acts and the only intermission we had was after the first act. So the first act gets over...and about 13 minutes in intermission, I decide I need to run to the restroom. So I kindly excuse myself and jet to the b-room. As I'm rushing to take care of business, I notice the girl... (I'm guessing a student).. who took tickets, closed the double doors into the theater...

...I take care of business then I rush to get back into the theater...and I go to open the first set of doors and L O C K E D ! ! ! ! ! So I'm thinking...this is ok...I will try the other set of double doors....I go to open them and L O C K E D !!!!!!


SO HERE I AM. BY MYSELF. LIKE A PUPPY IN THE POUND. LET ME INTO THE THEATER!!!! I'm knocking on the doors so loud and so much....

I had left my purse and cell phone at my seat inside the theater...and now...alone. All I have around me is a water fountain, old red UNLV dirty seats, and walls of plaques, framed newspaper cutouts, and the lights dimmed.


So my only option at the time was to read all the newpaper cutouts on the wall to pass the time. I was so annoyed. So I found myself reading a story of a dance teacher who used to be a showgirl. Hmm...interesting...then I proceed to read things I was only pretending to be interested pass the time....I had at least an hour to kill.

Poor Brooke, she probably had no clue where I was...

A light bulb went off....


So...the mischevious side kicked in and I went on a hunt to find my way in. Not to mention I found a ticket on the ground, so I snatched it so just in case someone HAPPENED to open the doors, I would have a ticket to prove I had already been in.

I started to walk around...I found a door that said "AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY" ... what did I have to I opened it and it happened to be the doors to the stage...A ha! but I couldn't just waltz in!!!

So...I see some open door! I pondered for a moment if I should open the door...what did I have to loose? I try to open the door wasn't LOCKED...but what if people were in there?? What do I have to loose? So...I OPEN the door!!! And it was like the heavens OPENED!!! It was the mezzanine!!!! But...not just any had no seats, just old lights and junk....but I could see the play!!!!

So there I was. Watching ME AND MY MAN-FISH. So happy. I saw Brooke, and the empty seat next to her, below me and was tempted to call her up, but I didn't want to disturb the I sat, I mean stood, and watched the play from the BALCONY SEAT!! The second act finishes up.

But it's not over YET.

There was still the third act....and I wanted to go sit by Brooke.

I run downstaris and look at the "AUTHORIZED PERSONEL ONLY" door.

I had to do it. It was the only way.

I open it. I can hear people talking on stage.

AHHH there was a girl in there and she looked at me like I was crazy.

Me: "The doors are locked. Is there another way to get in?"

Girl: "Uhh...I don't think so. Did you try both sets of doors?"

Me: "Yeah, I tried everything"

Girl: ::hesitiating::

Me: "Can I just come in this way?"

Girl: "Well this goes out onto the stage"

Me: ::hands up like...I don't care...I want to get in:: (short for....::shrug::)

Girl: "Ok! Come through this way...just hurry!"

So there I was..peering onto the stage....then made a MAD DASH across the stage...

...down the stairs....and up some more stairs...crossed a few people in their seats....AND BACK TO MY SEAT!!!


I then watched the third act in peace, with Brooke, until the end.

Phew....what... A... Night At The Theater!!