Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Better Late Than Never

Over Labor Day weekend I went to Mission Beach. It was SO MUCH FUN. There were 9 of us. We stayed at a beach house...walking distance from Mission Beach. To sum it up...there was lots of are a few pictures so you can get the idea.

OH AND....on one of the days there were a few of us kicking a soccer ball right near the water, and as most of you know, I am not too much of an athletic gal, but I was doing the best I could at kicking the ball. Usually just giggling a lot to cover my embarassement. So as soon as the ball would come near me, I would kick and either graze the sand and semi-stub my toe or kick the ball without any direction or air and the nearest person would have to run after the ball. So what I'm about to tell you is typical of me. So this time the ball was coming right at me...and I felt like I was going to get this one good....perfect amount of speed and I kick it and it was perfect!!! ONE THING... I had noticed these two guys walking through our circle, but didn't think much of it....but as I watch the ball SOOOAAAARRRR through the bright blue sky it is aimed perfectly at this innocent dude interfering in our circle, and of course...the ball gets PLANTED on this guys head PERFECTLY!!!! I'm talking from a movie. So what did I do?? I did not make eye contact, turned my back, and walked straight into the water. I was so embarassed/shocked of what just happened. Apparently, a friend who was right next to the guy apologized for me and said that the guy said a few choice words but just kept walking!!!! Yeah, we all had a good laugh!

So lately when I start to get a little anxious/bored I have been doing one of two is yoga and going to the gym... Did you know that I used to never be able to touch my toes? I always dreaded those days in P.E. where we had to do a full course examination where you see how many push ups, pull ups, how fast you can run a mile, and my worst...your flexibility...most girls could touch way passed their could reach my knees! Haha but I've been doing yoga for a few weeks and I can totally go way passed my toes!! I was always anti-working out...don't know why...I just was like that. I must have got nervous when I started to sweat or something. Anyway, it's my new favorite activity!

The second thing I have been doing is playing Super Nintendo. I mainly like Super Mario 3.

That's all!