Sunday, March 1, 2009


Since Friday the 13th things have been a little crazy. I think it was the 17th I moved to Utah. I'm living in a great house with 3 great gals! So for a few months I will be here...then...there are a few other options but I mainly just wanted to mix things up and have some fun up here. So far..success! I've been able to see friends and cousins and my sweet grandmother. We are actaully in the process of working on a 2000 piece puzzle. It's so difficult but so rewarding...even when just a few pieces are found! We also play games together and watch Wheel of Fortune and eat meals together. I love it. Not to mention meeting new people is always fun. Then I'm still doing hair every other weekend in Vegas. It's been working out so far. I'm trying to find a job here for the week days..and also getting my cosmetology license here to work at a salon. It's been a pretty smooth transition.

There WAS a little bump in the road. I parked my car in the slc airport parking garage last Wednesday when I flew home. I came back to Utah today and I go to pay for 3 and a half days of parking. Guess how much??? Nope you didn't guess it right because it was $112.00. Yeah. I was fuming!! Lesson learned - park in ecomony parking outside- garage is not worth it.

It's only money...

Anyway, life is good. My sister in law put up a few pictures of our family vacation in Missouri and these are a few I love. There are more of the whole family but these are just me and my wonderful brothers!

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Marleen said...

Ahh! I'm so sad you've moved yet so happy you are still doing hair for now in Vegas. Any openings when you're here next? Let me know.

I love your blog and I wish the best for you up in Utah.